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The Cat Loving Hit-List

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If you love these curious fur-balls that gaze into your eyes and control your thoughts then this is the list for you. Today we have the cat loving hit-list.

1. Scratching poles

It’s a well known fact that cats have claws. While it’s true that your beloved cats like to hone their claws on your furniture, this can easily be avoided by providing something better than your furniture. Scratching poles can be purchased from many retail outlets however you are really looking to save money they can be often found on websites such as craigslist or gumtree. There is nothing more satisfying for kitty cat and owner then installing a scratching poles and watching your cat rip into it with their claws.

2. Outdoor cat enclosure

Responsible cat owners understand the benefits of keeping their feline friends in an enclosure. Cats are APEX predators meaning they excel at taking down prey. To avoid your cat exercising its primal instincts be sure to install a cat enclosure. Cat enclosures can be in-expensive by using chicken and timber frames, however Saving Cats recommends recommends using aluminium posts and heavy gauge steel mesh. The aluminium posts will not rust and remain rigid whilst the heavy gauge steel is self supportive and will not bend. This will ensure that your prized pussy cannot escape and roaming intruder such as dogs cannot enter.

SOLOMON – Chilling in cat enclosure

3. Cat nip and cat herbs

ROMEO – Thats some good stuff

Cat nip is the feline equivalent of crack cocaine for cats. This inexpensive plant can make your cat feel like it’s floating on cloud 9. Don’ believe me? Purchase some catnip from your local nursery and bring the stuff indoors, your cat will thank you!

4. Finding that perfect sunny location

Garfield is the personification of a cat in which indulges in the sunlight. I recall reading comics many years ago and watching Garfield instantly fall asleep as soon the sunlight hits him. Many years later I still chuckle at the accuracy of the cartoon. Where I live the sun rises in the East and Sets in the West. 20 – 30 cats every morning follow the sunlight like clock works across the back room in an almost religious ceremony. It’s amazing to witness and weirdly satisfying at the same time.

BENTLY – Chasing the sun

5. Good food and fresh water

This is the last point within the hit-list and probably the most important. The old saying you are what you eat not only proves true for humans but also for cats. Cats as stated earlier are APEX predators meaning they are extremely good at catching live prey. That being said nothing is better for your feline friend than raw mince, whether that be beef, chicken or kangaroo. Grain free biscuits are also good but make sure you avoid cereal based biscuits as they can lead to urinary tract issues. Fresh water is also key and pet drinking fountains are also excellent source of the good old H20. If budget is tight simply leave the bathroom door and shower screen open. Cats will instinctively seek out fresh water sources such as these. As a fall back be sure to have water accessible in a drinking bowel at the very least.