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The Sixth Sense of Cats

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Cats were worshipped in Egypt by the Pharaohs and have been synonymous with witches in many fairytales however, is there more than meets the eye or other senses for that matter? It’s an eery feeling when your favourite feline is chilling on your lap relaxing then suddenly catapults itself into a fully alert state, sometimes hackles up ready for fight or flight. Your cat has sensed something, but what is it?

I recall when I was at a very young age my cat who came and slept with me a bedtime, a beige Burmese named Samira catapulted to attention with hackles up at the edge of my bed. I thought it was strange but didn’t think much of it at the time. Heading to the bathroom I caught a glimpse of the window curtain moving in the dark. I thought to myself that the window must be open.

I turned on the light and entered the bathroom, the window curtain had stopped moving and the temperature of the room felt like it had dropped extremely quickly, goosebumps appeared all over my skin from a mix of cold and fear. I went to close the window however to my astonishment the window was already closed.

Totally freaked out by this point I immediately left the bathroom in a hurry, ran back to my bedroom and huddled under the covers. My cat then came and settled down on the bed providing a huge amount of comfort and eventually I fell asleep. So can cats see the supernatural?

Cats senses as a whole are superior to humans. They can detect the smallest of vibrations often running out of houses right before an earthquake or volcanic eruption. Feline hearing is extremely acute and they can see in the dark.

Whilst it’s possible that cats may be able to sense things in which use mere humans cannot. It is far more likely that cats are picking up on sounds, smells and sights from a far greater distance, then humans are capable of sensing and react to those accordingly. This has served cats very well through their evolution thus far.

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