Ongoing Sponsorship and General Donations

Saving Cats relies solely on our adoption fees and the generous support of the community to continue our rescue work. Many times, we are faced with large veterinary bills due to the illness and injury that comes along with looking after pound rescues.

From time to time, we will highlight special needs animals and ask the public to help us with our efforts to rehabilitate or provide vet work to a particular animal, however, we also need ongoing help. Your support, however large or small, is greatly appreciated.

Our costs include:

  • cat and kitten food/kitten formula
  • cat litter
  • desex
  • microchip
  • vaccinations
  • vet treatment if required
  • flea, worm and tick treatment
  • toys and enrichment

We are an Incorporated Association so cannot provide tax deductions – we are not large enough to be a charity which makes it harder for us to manage financially. We do hope to become a registered charity in the near future.

If you are a vet, shop, business etc. and have any ideas on how we can work together; please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

We also have a Facebook group for auctions to raise funds, please join us there!