Our mission is simple – SAVING CATS!

We are a non-profit cat rescue organisation doing our best to save cats in need. We do not discriminate; so it could be pound cats, street cats, legacy cats, etc. It doesn’t matter whether they are young or old, fit or disabled, moggy or pure breed, friendly or unfriendly (they come around with patience, gentleness and love).

Our aim is to save cats from miserable lives fending for themselves on the street or who are on  death row at the pounds in NSW. Our mission is to re-home these amazing animals with a new family for the rest of the pet’s life.
Although we are based in both the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie we will work anywhere between Sydney and Newcastle if it means Saving Cats.

Please take a look around our site and you can see the various ways in which you can help. Whether that be adopting, fostering, socialising, volunteering or donating. 

Cats in need make the best cats indeed!

Every cat has its own unique personality that we can get to know, love and enjoy. Patting a cat is even great for your health!

Our Vets

Saving Cats would like to acknowledge the great work and dedication by our participating vets. Our rescue work would not be possible without the support of the following;

Raw and Fresh

We use Raw and Fresh because their meat is of high quality with no preservatives, packaged appropriately, delivered to your home and most of all our cats love it.

If you order by clicking on the below image a small percentage of the sale will be used for Saving Cats. As a bonus your first order will also receive a 10% discount, so make it big one.

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Below is a picture of George. He once lived a very tough life fending for himself on the streets. He was undesexed and so was a target for other undesexed males as you can see from his facial wounds. We humanely trapped him and he was straight off to the vet to be desexed. You wouldn’t think there’d be any hope for a cat like George but this is so not true.

After experienced love and care with a Saving Cats carer, George made a very quick turn around. He put on weight, his wounds healed and he quickly learned to trust humans and enjoyed love and affection. The photo on the right was taken a few short weeks later and was in fact his adoption photo on a cat rescue site. He was quickly adopted and is now living happily with his forever family.George_before_after