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4 months ago

Saving Cats Inc.

Our Rescue cats love potted Cat grass, Catnip and Cat mint, it’s enrichment and it’s at most nurseries in the herb section 🐈 ...

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6 months ago

Saving Cats Inc.

Does anyone want some rescue cats to change a lightbulb πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Kitties at SC Headquarters πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– ...

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7 months ago

Saving Cats Inc.

UPDATE: adopted together πŸ’ž

Do you have the time to give either of these girls the time and love they need and deserve?

Jaffa and Elle and two beautiful sisters who had a rough start to life. They were found in someones ceiling and took a while to adjust to being around humans and being in a home environment. They have done so well with their foster parents that we would love for them to find their own home! These two will need a VERY special home with plenty of patience and love as they will take time to settle in and to learn to love someone else.

Jaffa is the darker torti, she is more accepting to change and people. She is such a kitten at heart and she really loves to play. We can pat her often and she really enjoys it, we can pick her up if we need to however she doesn't like it (understandably). She likes to come out and sit near us and she does cute chirp meows for attention.

Elle will need more time than Jaffa. Elle seems to prefer females over males. She is a big sook and has such a beautiful tail and personality. She loves her food and enjoys playing with Jaffa. She enjoys pats once she trusts you, but it is only on her terms.

These two must be strictly inside only or with a cat enclosure (due to where they came from), they are great with other cats, no children (maybe an older teenager) and someone with a big heart and lots of patience. If you are interested in this either/both please fill out the adoption form.

Adoption fee is $50 individually or $70 for the pair. Vet work complete.

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8 months ago

Saving Cats Inc.

Hi my name is holland. I am 11 weeks old I am the last of my litter because i am the smallest but that doesn't mean i wont love u with my big heart. i love cuddles and to follow u around and to be with u i love playing with toys. If u would love to give me a forever home let my foster mum know i would love a home to call my own. ...

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